Film/Video & Soundtrack Work

• Location Sound Recordist 
• Sound Mixer

• Sound Track                                                                                              • Composer/Performer

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“You were a delight to work with“.
Glenn Graham – Producer, Director, DP  for “Breaking Bad”, Winner of 6 Emmy’s / Los Alamos, NM Interview for Documentary, 2017

“Thanks so much for your assistance and suggestions. I couldn’t be more pleased…. All files, sounds and pacing, etc. have worked out great. Thanks again from me and the Hays County Historical Commission.”
Richard Kidd – Director, Documentary Film Unit
Hays County Historical Commission/ “Col. Peter C. Woods” Soundtrack, 2014

“I have had the pleasure of working with Purly Gates as the location sound recordist on a shoot that I directed and filmed. Purly was knowledgeable, prepared, fast on her feet and overall a tremendous asset on the set. She is an absolutely delightful person to work with. I recommend her highly.”
– Andy Corwin – Director, Editor, Cinematographer/ Los Angeles, CA 2013

“Purly Gates is a hardworking artist who loves to create art with a message, whether composing a soundtrack, recording dialogue, or mixing sound. She does what is necessary to get the job done. [Purly] focuses on her task and delivers high quality sound.  If you are looking for a talented music and audio creator, Purly Gates is the artist for your job.”
– Tyrone D. Smith – Filmmaker / Austin, TX  2013EQUIPMENT LIST

 Location Mics & Accessories

Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Lav System
Sennheiser EM100  Lav System (wired receiver)
Rode NTG-2 w. windscreen, dead cat, blimp
Rode 10’ Boom pole

Live & Studio/Recording Mics
Sure SM58s
Sure SM57s
Audio Technica 4033a large diaphragm (studio) mic
AKG C3000 large diaphragm (studio) mic

Mixers and Portable Recording
Mackie 1402VLZ (8 channel) Mixer, Micro Series, AC power
Mackie 402-VLZ3 (3 channel) Mixer, AC power
Zoom H4n Portable Digital Recorder

Editing Sound/Video
MacBook Pro
Pro Tools/ Final Cut Pro X

Canon Vixia HF R300 HD
Canon EOS T3i DSLR

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Composed, performed and recorded © Purly Gates
OTF Soundtrack Sample 1 (Harmonica/Banjo)
OTF Soundtrack Sample 2 (Dulcimer)
OTF Soundtrack Sample 3  (Guitar, Finger Picking)
Soundtrack Sample 4 (Keyboard)

Performed and recorded by Purly Gates
Documentary Soundtrack Sample1(Yellow Rose/Traditional)
Documentary Soundtrack Sample 2 (When Johnny Comes Marching Home/Traditional)
Documentary Soundtrack Sample 3 (Soldier’s Joy/Traditional)

“Iris” Joel Futral, Director (Soundtrack
“On the Fence” (Sound Recordist & Soundtrack)
The Canut Brothers @ AFTM String Band Festival (Hand-Held Videographer/Editor)
Lone Star Swing @ AFTM String Band Festival (Videographer/Editor)