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From the Literacy CD: “I CAN READ

I CAN READ  ©2003, Purly Gates
Lyrics & Music by Purly Gates

When I read a book you know,
It’s printed in black and white
The most amazing thing takes place
As I read what the author writes

The words make pictures in my mind
With colors bright and new

        And then my eyes will begin to see

An awesome, different view

Chorus: ‘Cause I can read, read, read   I can read, read, read,
Words and pictures dancin’ in   color the world I see
(Yes) I can read, read, read     I can read, read, read
Every page I turn will color the world for me

Now anytime it’s raining,
Or I’m stuck in my room,
I can travel anywhere
And paint away the gloom
Repeat chorus

Rainbows are full of colors
Colors are full of light
When I fill up on stories,
It makes my world so bright
Repeat chorus
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  *
WRITE A STORY ©2006, Purly Gates
Lyrics by Purly Gates; Music by Sally Rogers

Chorus:  I’m gonna write a story , nobody but me could write  (2x)

1) I’ve got a good idea, gonna think it through
Fill in details, so it’s clear to you
Repeat chorus
2) I can pull you in, if I use a hook
With a twist and an end, organize like a book
Repeat chorus
3) The words  will talk  so my voice shines through
Comin’  from my heart from me to you
Repeat chorus
4) Find the very best words  have to pick and choose
Exactly what I need  precisely what I use
Repeat chorus
5) My sentences will  be good to read aloud
Some long some short  gonna do me proud
Repeat chorus
6) Check the spelling now  punctuation too
Use paragraphs  to make it clear to you
Repeat chorus